1000 Atmosphären

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Who we are

1000 Atmospären was founded in 2005 by Klemens Dombrowski and Robin Gleeson. The society as it exists today was developed in autumn 2015.

We are a young team of game designers and producers, interested in the development of Live Action Role Play as form of artistical expression. We do not earn any money doing this, spending our spare time on hosting fun and sometimes educational Larps for you and for the sake of progress.

Our Philosophy

1000 Atmosphären regards LARP as a form of art with the potential to process different topics while experiencing them. As adumbrated by the name we see LARP as a medium with a vast array of possibilities to tell stories and generate games. Regarding the content of our games we oscillate between entertainment and demanding topics, between soap operas and political dystopias.

How we do it

The pursuit of innovation and the search for intense Larp-experiences is central to our game design. To create those, we make use of ideas and techniques, we develop or adopt. For example we use different ingame-metatechniques, do workshops and emphazise immersive game-design.The special focus of our productions is the reflexion of cultural, political and social systems and norms. To intensify the examination of specific topics we try to expand our expertise concerning preparation and postprocessing of games constantly.

Publicity and Interexchange

We try to make LARP accessible to a broad public and to establish it as a form of art that has more to offer than mages, trolls and battles.
1000 Atmosphären wants to promote the national and international exchange about LARP.