Statera Mundi University (run 1 2022)

14Jul(Jul 14)12:0017(Jul 17)15:00CompletedStatera Mundi University (run 1 2022)Unleash your magical potential and become a future leader, advisor or protector of time! VeranstalterPerenelle Events VZWAustragungsortInternational

Event Details

A 4 day Live-Action Role Play event in a fantasy setting at a castle in Courrière, Belgium. (English-speaking event, +16)

Experience your own fantastic adventure during 4 days in our universe.

  • Choose to become one of our many playable races: Werewolves, Vampires, Humans, Skinchangers, or one of the subraces of our Fairies and Elves.
  • Choose which era you originate from: 2022 or the Interbellum (1920-’40)
  • Meet wonderful NPCs and create bonds with your fellow players.
  • Come up with solutions or be the cause of the problem and explore every nook and cranny of the SMU location.
  • Enrol in one of our 5 paths: Learn new skills and lore that can aid you on your adventure during the classes of your chosen path. Level up your magic.
  • Craft, barter, buy or sell, gamble, pull a con on other students, blackmail, bribe, plea or make offers for favours of the Spirits,… so many options!
  • You might even encounter one of the many mythical creatures of this peculiar world.

In short, the possibilities are nearly endless.


Statera Mundi University (SMU) is an age-old institute to shape great magical potential into future advisors, protectors, and leaders. It was founded at the end of the 14th century by 3 inventive and progressive witchards. It functioned as a normal university that housed various magical races and offered them the finest education in Europe. Now it’s the last stronghold that teaches the ways of the ancient Spirits.

During the WW2, the institute fell victim to a German bombing. The Spirits intervened at this moment, placing SMU in a time-pocket to protect and guarantee the survival of their last worshippers, still educating students with great potential from all over the world and out of any time.

5 Spirits – 5 Clans:

Find out which Spirit invited you to join their clan, being Umbra, Caligo, Lucerna, Silva and Flagrantia. Find friends, support and perhaps even guidance by sharing the same core values of the clan’s Spirit.

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14/07/2022 12:00 - 17/07/2022 15:00(GMT-11:00)

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